Soccer Season is Here and

Winter Sports Registration Just Around the Corner!

The Ascension Athletics Team of volunteers are very excited to aid the Ascension community with all their athletics needs for the upcoming sport year.  Registration for Basketball & Cheerleading opens on August 15, 2017 and remain open for a month.  Basketball is for boys and girls in grades 4-8 and Cheerleading is for girls in grades 4-8.  Registration fees for both will be $60 this season with a one-time $40 booster fee per family charged at the time of the first sport registered for the athletic year.  We will be rolling out a new registration website that will have great advantages to the operation of the Athletic Program.  A small processing fee will be charged for the use of the system but will be outweighed by the functionality gained by using the system.  Please be patient as we work out any situations that may arise as we work to better serve our Ascension athletic community.

Fall 2017 Soccer and Golf on WeShare: Ascension WeShare  (Scroll down the page to the bottom)

Visit Ascension Athletics' new sports sign-up page here: ASCENSION SPORTS SIGN-UPS


Ascension Athletics Needs YOU!

 Athletics at Ascension is an important part of our kids’ development as they move through elementary and middle school. The athletic programs offered here at Ascension provide our students the ability to compete in soccer, golf, baseball, basketball, cheerleading and volleyball through the CYO and SAY organizations. In addition to the health benefits of exercise, the number one reason stated by kids in recent youth sports surveys is that kids participate in sports to be with their friends. In conjunction with the Archdiocese Charter on Youth Athletics we aim to provide a safe and fun environment for our students to enjoy sports with their classmates.

 Parents are such an important part of what we do.  If you are interested in joining either the Athletic Board, coaching, becoming a Sports Coordinator, or helping out in any way,  please contact the Athletic Board to express your interest.

 Ascension Athletic Board: 


Ascension Athletics: Important Changes to 2015/2016 Sport Fees and Jerseys
The Athletic Board would like to make everyone aware of some changes to sports registration fees and jerseys starting in the 2015/16 sports season. To ensure greater consistency across all sports, we have decided to move to a $60 flat registration fee per person for each sport moving forward. This new fee includes an Ascension sports jersey as the current reversible jerseys that we have used in the past have been discontinued by the manufacturer. All sports jerseys will be turned back in at the end of each sport season (example: soccer jerseys will be returned to Ascension Athletics at the end of the soccer season) to ensure better tracking of inventory, no duplication of numbers amongst teammates, and easy replacement of jerseys due to wear and tear throughout the sports year. In addition, the annual Booster Fee per family will be $40 moving forward. The Booster fees paid combined with our fundraising efforts helps in providing our teams with the necessary up-to-date equipment, facilities, and resources needed for continued success in our sports programs. We appreciate your continued support of Ascension Athletics and should you have any questions regarding these changes, feel free to contact any member of the Athletic Board.



Prayer Resource for Ascension Sports Coaches

One of the things that should distinguish athletics at Ascension and other Catholic parishes is our reliance on Jesus Christ.  We know that everything we have is gift from God and all that we do is a gift back to him.  This knowledge affects the effort we give at practices and during games, how we treat opposing players and coaches, and how we interact with officials and parents.

At Ascension we are committed to being a praying, teaching, caring serving sign of God’s presence in the world, and that includes the world of athletics.  Every practice and game involving Ascension teams should begin and end with prayer.  To that end, we have developed a simple resource that can be used by all coaches, players, and families at practices and games.

You can download your own copy here.  It contains simple prayers that can be used prior to and/or after practices and games. It’s small enough to fold and keep in your athletic bag, and when you print it, you’ll actually get two copies – one for yourself and a one to share with a teammate or coach.

Ascension Athletics Prayers

God bless you, and Go Knights!!!!


New Archdiocesan Charter on Youth Athletics

After 3 years of study and discussion by athletics and youth ministry leaders from all over the Archdiocese, the Archdiocese has promulgated a Charter on Youth Athletics.  Encompassing everything from playing time and coaching, to league and Athletic Board organization, the charter was put into full effect as of Fall, 2014.  The full document is available here: Archdiocese of Cincinnati Charter on Youth Athletics


Ascension Athletics Handbook

Download your own copy of the Ascension Athletics Handbook here:  Ascension Athletics Handbook



AScension is proud to be part of the Dayton area CYO (Catholic Youth Organization).  The mission of CYO is to provide the Catholic Youth of the Greater Dayton Area an opportunity to participate on athletic teams under Christian leadership and supervision.

More information from the Dayton CYO web site including schedules, results and game locations.


VIRTUS Training/Child Protection

At Ascension, we take the protection of our young people very seriously.  All coaches and volunteers must attend a VIRTUS Child Protection Awareness Session and undergo an Archdiocesan background check before working with young people.  For more information about the Child Protection requirements of Ascension and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, please visit our VIRTUS/Child Protection webpage


 Concussions and Youth Sports

All of us involved in youth sports are becoming more and more aware of the long term negative effects of concussions.  The Ohio General Assembly passed a law in 2013 that deals with concussions and sets protocols for both assessing concussions and determining when young people may return to practice and competition after sustaining a concussion .  That law has implications for both athletes and coaches.  Please see our Concussion Awareness page for the information you need to keep our young athletes safe and comply with this new law.


Sports and Coordinators

Ascension Parish participates in the following sports:

BASKETBALL:  Coordinator: Kevin Kates

VOLLEYBALL: Coordinator: Amy Meredith-Green

CYO (Grades 5-8) Coordinator: Nell Sharp
SAY (Grades 1-4)  Coordinator: Desiree Weitz

CHEERLEADING: Coordinator:Sherry Browning

GOLF: Coordinator: Timm Grant

TRACK :(Through the East Catholic Striders)

Thank you for your support, the AAB!