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Parental involvement in our school makes a big difference in children’s success at school. The parents, teacher and student form a team in the learning process. Parents are the first or primary teacher for their child(ren). Each person has a role to play and the parents can be most helpful in providing the motivation for the child to learn.

In addition to getting involved in the Parent Teacher Organization, parents can be involved in their child’s education in a number of ways:

• Homework is important. Parents again can provide the motivation and support to see that homework is done and done in a quality manner.

• Parents can volunteer for many school activities including work in the media center, enrichment & remedial programs, lunchroom serving, playground supervision, chaperone field trips, classroom help, etc. Volunteer opportunities and the time, talent and training related to those activities are outlined each year.

• Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time. Parents must check in at the School Office before visiting in the building further.

Grandparents are welcome to become involved and support the school by becoming a member of the PTO – Grandparent PTO Membership


Parent’s Responsibilities:
The development of the moral character and ethical behavior of the child is in the Christian home and is primarily the responsibility of the parents. The parents therefore have the unique opportunity:

1. To develop good behavior habits as well as positive attitudes toward school. More information about parenting.  And from the PTO - Dress Code Tips from the PTO
2. To cooperate with the school in teaching the child responsibility.
3. To be an active partner with the school in the educational process through communication, which is constructive and beneficial to students, staff and school.
4. To inform the school about special health problems and changes which may affect a child’s school performance.