Marian Pilgrimage

Marian Pilgrimage and Consecration

Excitement is growing for the longest Marian procession in the United States!
The 33-day pilgrimage will begin on Sunday, May 16 with a Mass at the Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Russells Point, Ohio. It will arrive at Immaculate Conception Church on May 31 before coming here to Ascension Church on Tuesday, June 1st . Stay tuned for more info!
You'll find the 33 Days to Morning Glory Do-It-Yourself Retreat booklet at all church doors. We encourage you to take a booklet to follow along with the pilgrimage. If you would also like to participate in the 33 Days to Morning Glory book study, contact Sharon Christy.
For more information on the Marian Pilgrimage visit:
Posters about the Pilgrimage are up at the church doors, and information about the entire event can be found on our website and at
If you would like to know more about the volunteer opportunities during this special time, contact Jeanne Fairbanks at [email protected] or 937-253-5171 x111