Discipleship Ministries

Discipleship Commission



Ministry Core Strategy: Deepen the baptismal call to discipleship of our members through service to those individuals, communities, and churches in need.




Jane Fortener ………. 299-4551 ([email protected])

Fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate are sold on the second Sunday of each month after the 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Masses (September through April) in conjunction with the Coffee and Donut Sundays. Buying fair trade items promotes our Catholic Social Teaching as the majority of the money from the sales goes to the small farm co-ops in Third World countries.



Tom & Sharleen Rafferty ……… 299-8194  ([email protected])

The Neighbor-to-Neighbor food pantry, located next door at Greenmont Church, serves food to anyone in need, providing they live in zip codes 45419, -20, -29, and -32 south of Linden Ave. Any registered member of Ascension or Greenmont church, regardless of zip code, will also be served.   The pantry, formerly called Greenmont pantry, is assisted by volunteers from Ascension, Greenmont, and other groups. Food is donated by members of several churches and other organizations. Ascension members have been assisting in the pantry for over 10 years.  



Catch the Building Spirit

Sue Koverman ………. 439-1202 ([email protected])

Catch the Building Spirit is a collaborative between Miami Valley Catholics and Presbyterians to build a house for low-income families working with Habitat for Humanity. Construction generally runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Ascension provides volunteers (minimum age 16) and financial support for the project. We seek funding support and volunteer labor. All donations are tax-deductible and will help increase the quality and quantity of housing for low-income families. More information and volunteer forms are also available for all levels of ability and time commitment at www.catchthebuildingspirit.com.



Steve Mueller ………. 299-8035 ([email protected])

Lois Keil ………. 299-0257  ([email protected])

Ascension Parish has a twinning relationship with a parish, Nuestra Senora de la luz (Our Lady of the Light), located in Lima, Peru. The purpose of this relationship is the mutual sharing of pastoral experiences to benefit and support both communities. We do this by praying for each other, sharing our resources and learning each other’s culture through our kinship in Christ. A couple members from the committee make annual trips to our twinning parish in Peru to be a physical presence in the connection with the two parishes. The committee meets once a month, usually on a Tuesday evening, from 5:30-7:00 p.m. The date of the meeting varies according to the availability of the members.



Mary Jane White ………. 294-1165 ([email protected])

We believe that all life comes from God and we are dedicated to lovingly embracing all victims of anti-life practices.  We promote and defend the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death, as well as support the sanctity of marriage and family, from which human life has its origins. Awareness activities include promoting the March for Life in Washington DC each January, selling flowers on Mother’s Day to support of Dayton Right to Life, taking part in the city-wide baby shower each year to support area pregnancy help centers, erecting white crosses during the Sanctity of Life week each autumn, participation in the Life Sunday area’s Life Chain in October, and in 40 Days for Life in the spring and fall, as well as other parish educational opportunities throughout the year.


Barbara Curp ………. 299-8618 ([email protected] )

Nancy Berardi . . . . . .272-7385 ([email protected] )

St. Vincent de Paul Society is a nationally chartered organization whose only purpose is to help people in need. The Ascension conference is one of 36 (and growing) St. Vincent conferences in our surrounding area. All of our members are volunteers from our congregation who answer calls from needy families in our area and from parishioners wherever they live. We provide these necessities for daily family living by using money donated by our congregation. These needs include paying rent, utility bills, providing food and gas cards, and vouchers for clothing and furniture.  In a few cases, we also buy prescription medicine when it is not otherwise available to the client. Our St. Vincent de Paul conference meets every other Monday at 7 p.m. in the parish office building.




Celine O’Neill . . . . . 305-5654   ([email protected])

Our Ascension Refugee Resettlement Team assists Catholic Social Services in welcoming refugees who have been driven from their homeland by violence and persecution.  We have several ways to help these refugees.  Early in July we display a “Freedom Tree” in the narthex, decorated with stars, requesting donations of needed household goods which we then transport to Catholic Social Services.  Throughout the year we clean and set up housing for the new arrivals or organize the inventory of donated items or solicit donations of seasonal or specifically requested items.  Help is also needed in grocery shopping just prior to the refugees’ arrival; preparing an ethnically appropriate meal to welcome them; assist in teaching the English language; and/or assisting with homework, mentoring, transportation or personal shopping.